Providing Prayer, Support for Immediate Needs,

and Building Community Relationships


Advocate: One who pleads the cause of another

Advocacy: The act or process of supporting a cause or a proposal


Our Advocacy Ministry is designed to provide consistent prayer for the people of the Raleigh-Triangle communities, to aid in meeting their tangible needs through our resources, as well as, connect them to partnering agencies/organizations, and to provide them with relational support.  This program connects volunteers to those in surrounding communities through bi-monthly visitations at our adopt-a-block events, as well as, long and short-term missions to connect people to available resources including food, furniture, and more.  


***Our advocacy program is scheduled to launch in Summer 2018.  If you are passionate about relating one-on-one with someone who is struggling with difficult circumstances and want more information on how to be a team member please contact us at


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