Behind the scenes help that propels the ministry

Every week we are able to pick up food at the Central Eastern North Carolina Food Bank.  This is where about 80% of the food comes from that goes out to all of the ministries including Adopt-A-Block, Food Truck, and KidzJam.

Our partnership with the Food Bank began in March 2017, which brought a boost in the the amount of food we had access to, while also lowering our cost to providing food to the communities that we serve.  We are looking for people who could serve once a week or to rotate monthly to shop at the food bank.  We need 3 people to meet at the food bank, spend one hour shopping, then loading the food into the truck.  Volunteers would be lifting boxes from 15-50 pounds each.

We are also looking for people to drive the box truck which would be a 2 hour commitment to include 30 minutes of travel time to and from the food bank.

Our current shopping day is on Wednesdays.  The scheduling is done each week based on availability.  In general our shopping time has been in the early afternoon.  Email us to be updated on the weekly shopping date.



CENC Food Bank at 1924 Capital Blvd, Raleigh 27604

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