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Human trafficking is a reality being experienced in North Carolina everyday. Ranked as the 10th highest state for occurrences, Raleigh Dream Center promotes awareness and trains our leaders on what to look out for while we are engaging our community.

We are in the process of formalizing our future Human Traffic Intervention.  The purpose of this program is to rescue, stabilize and rebuild the lives of these girls and young women by addressing the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of those uniquely resilient individuals who have been victimized and have survived human trafficking through sexual exploitation.  For victims, aftercare services are paramount to assist with the negative effects felt every day and for years to come. 

This comprehensive in-house program would provide access to medical, psychological, and legal services and would help these young women relearn healthy choices, develop accountability and refine life and workplace skills. These steps all aim to prepare each woman to start living a healthy, independent life.

The program would be split into four phases – each phase is designed to meet specific needs and provide a structure to their recovery.  To get their lives on track, these women are provided everything from food, clothing, medical treatment, legal aid, educational assistance, job and life skills training.  All resources are provided free of charge.


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