Mission & Vision

REACHING the unreached

RESTORING the hurting

REBUILDING the broken

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We exist to bring hope and restoration through the message of the Gospel for people in the Triangle area.  Raleigh Dream Center is a Christian-based, volunteer driven organization providing social services and community programs to homeless, abused and impoverished high risk youth, individuals and families.  We partner with local churches to CONSISTENTLY provide resources to under-privileged communities and reach out to those individuals in substance abuse, physical abuse, experiencing homelessness, participating in gangs, or other circumstances.  

Following the proven process of over 100 Dream Centers nationally, our presence in communities transforms the atmosphere and impacts crime rates.  Everything RDC supplies is intended to build relationships that lead to Gospel conversations, and help people DREAM AGAIN about what God has planned for their future.  Not only do we provide resources to under-privileged communities, but we also reach out to those involved in substance abuse, physical abuse, experiencing homelessness, participating in gangs, or other circumstances that can be harmful to both an individual and to society.


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Our current ministry is on wheels,

but our future is residential!

Food Warehouse

Transitional Living Programs

Residential Discipleship Program

Basic Education & Job Skills Training

Human Trafficking Intervention

Ministry Space

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To be an inner-city resource center bringing Christ-centered solutions to addition, hunger, trauma, homelessness, and unemployment through residential and community outreach programs.  With poverty, drug additions and crime statistics continually on the rise, our facility will focus on the full successful transformation of people’s lives through the power of Christ.  Raleigh Dream Center will be a safe environment to provide supportive services and resources to help people realize the DREAM of living a self-sufficient life, at no cost to the individual.


Raleigh Dream Center currently partners with many local churches. Because we are a separate 501 (c) 3 non-profit, we believe that it is highly valuable to us and our church partners to have a STATEMENT OF FAITH and adhere to sound doctrine when preaching the Gospel of Christ.  RDC is designed to be a co-effort of all local churches in reaching out to our city and is responsible to it’s Board of Directors and to raise it’s own funding.

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