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“I heard about Raleigh Dream Center on the radio from Jeremy. I was drawn to them because they were not just giving out food, but also sharing the gospel. There is an ongoing relationship being built with everyone here. I really enjoy it so much I even brought a friend today with me to serve.”
RDC Volunteer
"I was able to talk to a man for about half an hour about the love of God because of the food that RDC brings to his neighborhood. Everyone seems very grateful when RDC arrives."
RDC Volunteer
“As a volunteer, I have witnessed how God is working through the Raleigh Dream Center because of the generosity of all the food donations from our community. The RDC leaders and volunteers are so dedicated to making sure that the food gets out to those in need.”
RDC Volunteer

"We Get To Serve"
Serving Others Impacts Your Life

Christine came from an abusive home, entered the foster care system, married a physically abusive man, formed a drug addiction and a lifestyle to support her habit. When she hit rock bottom she found Christ and a local church. She has been serving with the Raleigh Dream Center and it has provided her a safe place to grow in her faith and serve others who might also have experienced pain that she is familiar with.

“I love helping others and I have found a place where I am accepted and can use my skills to participate in something meaningful. I know I matter to God.”

- Christine, RDC Volunteer

Community Members

“I first got connected to RDC when they knocked on doors and invited us out for Adopt-A-Block. Being a single mom, we start running low on money for groceries. We get food from Adopt-A-Block, it helps pull us through the rest of the month. My daughter goes to their after-school KidzJam and it is really helpful because they even help her with her homework.”
Community Member
“Prayer has been a key component when I attend Adopt-A-Block. I have learned to put my concerns in God’s hands and he will work it out. What I love most about Adopt-A-Block is that we share the love of Jesus with our whole community because God is love.”
Community Member
"The food and supplies offered at Adopt-A-Block have been wonderful. I share them with family members and friends, and it has blessed so many others beyond just myself. I always feel happy when RDC comes because the volunteers do wonderful work for my community. I thank Raleigh Dream Center for everything."
Community Member

"We Get To Serve"
Serving Others Impacts Their Lives

Zandra was completely bedridden because of health issues when RDC showed up at her door one day. After that day, RDC came back each week bringing her food, and more importantly, ministering to her through prayer.

“Raleigh Dream Center was a light to me in a time of deep darkness. They cared for me and showed me the love of Jesus. Jesus created in me a brand new spirit and now I want to serve the Lord and be about His business. God still has a plan for me.”

– Zandra, Adopt-A-Block Community Member


"God called all of us to go into all the nations and preach the gospel. As a church, we felt like we needed to begin consistently serving in the Oaks community to show the residents that they are loved. Our church started a bus ministry and now we have the opportunity to pick up the kids and take them to our church weekly. RDC has given us the opportunity to share the gospel and show the love of Christ. When we set out to do ministry like this we intend to bless others but quickly end up being the ones that are blessed."
Matt Collins
Christ's Sanctified Holy Church
"I went to RDC's Summer Reading Program with two of my own children and thought it was great. About 30 kids from that community showed up. I had a 2nd grader practicing his reading with me and I just loved it. The Summer Reading Program feels like a tangible next step from Adopt-A-Block because you could consistently speak into a child's life and the curriculum is powerful and accessible."
Jeff Ramsey
Senior Pastor
Oak City Church
“We partnered with Raleigh Dream Center after Jeremy came and shared at our church and we fell in love with the mission and what they are doing. RDC brings churches together with one faith and one mission. We bring food and supplies to help local families stretch their dollar. If we really want to show others who God is and His love for them, we need to touch them and meet people right where they're at."
Susan Lee
Executive Assistant
Celebration Church

"We Get To Serve"
Serving Others Impacts The Church

"We connected with Raleigh Dream Center through the COVID-19 Pandemic. We did a food drive through our church and got an amazing response from our people. As we started to partner alongside RDC we got to see more of the work they do in serving our city and it is beautiful. Our church's heart is to love our city well and by teaming up with RDC it allowed us to meet the needs in our communities as well as build relationships with those in our city.

For us, the holistic approach that RDC takes is one that resonates with our mission. We are not just filling a physical need. We also have the opportunity to care for emotional needs as well as sharing the gospel and meeting spiritual needs. We look forward to working with RDC long into the future as we continue to connect people to Jesus for life change."

- Scott Mason, Missions Pastor at Southbridge Fellowship


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